Our organization consists of experienced specialists who have at heart your business activities. " We define a business by its team. "
Our team consists of members with over 25 years of experience in the IT field. From the IBM XT, to the first HARD drive, to the COAX era, through BBS communication, our team witnessed the emergence of the internet and the first multi-core processor.

Christian Nguyen

President of ASN Inc.
Winner of the Impact Awards by Microsoft, Mr Christian Nguyen relies on experience, expertise and networking in order to proactivly adapt to the changing word of the IT industry.

« Since our customers are always in the foreground , our organization is sensitive to its customers and its evolving needs. »

Le Thanh Tran

Accounting Manager and Customer Care
Omnipresent in all transactional aspects , Ms. Le Thanh Tran is part of A.S.N. Inc., within its operations and its interactions with clients , manufacturers and suppliers.

« The interaction we have together, our valued customers and partners, always brings me a smile»

Antoine Cavaillé

Corporate Account Manager
A true passionate of technology, M.Antoine is a Techno-Globetrotter.

« Everywhere I travel, I see how technology affects everyday life. Technology is a tool and I am the person to guide you to the right and the best tools for your business. »

Nicolas Schohn

Corporate Account Manager
Expert in IT management, Mr. Nicolas takes care of managing and maintaining your IT infrastructure so you can concentrate on your business activities.

« I am” M.Focus “, I focus on your work tools so you can focus on your work »

Bac Nguyen

NFPO and Educational Account Manager
Having assembled his first 286 computer at age 14 and graduated from the School of Management (ESG / UQAM) , IT and management are an integral part of his being.

In recent years, Mr. Nguyen Bac has contributed to the evolution of ASN Inc.

« Excellent customer service along with a strong expertise in innovative products and services is a rare commodity these days. I promise to never sell you extended warranty from a third party. »